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How We Work

The Brief

During this stage we sit with our client over coffee and listen to them. In order to tailor a successful project that meets the client's vision. We understand what the client wishes and their budget and time frame in order for us to submit our fee proposal

Design Sketch Desktop
top view of interior finishing material combination containing wooden and concrete vinyl t

The Mood Board

Once we initiate the project with the client, we then brainstorm and develop a mood board. This mood board comprises ideas, examples, sketches, textures, materials, color schemes, etc. The mood board is to confirm the style we will follow for the project and on which the concept design will be based upon.

Concept Design

This is the fun stage! We always impress our clients with our high quality drawings and photorealistic Computer Generated Images (CGIs). We present the idea through floor plans, furniture layouts, 3d perspectives, imagery of suggested furniture, and joinery concepts. The client's feedback is extremely important at this stage in order to have a final design ready to be detailed.


Detail Design

Upon receipt of the client's approval on the work submitted in the previous stage, we will commence the work of this stage. This stage consists of the drawings that will assist the contractor in executing the works on site. The design package will include AutoCad drawings to guide the contractor, schedules of selected furniture, joinery and bespoke furniture details and samples.

Screenshot 2022-03-15 155204_edited_edit

Site Supervision

The main aim of this stage is to ensure that the proposed and approved design is implemented accurately and as intended.  Our team will attend regular site meetings. We will keep the client updated and take their opinion whenever needed.

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